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Statistical Modelling with R

Foe Data analysts, Researchers, Managers, Academics & PG Students
Maximum number of participants per group is 20

Rs. 10,000.00
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13th - 16th September, 2022 (4 Days)

This course is designed to develop Regression models using R which will be useful for many decision making process. Basic concept of theory, deriving inferences, and interpretation of results will be covered along with the hands on session using R Studio.

Pre-requisites: Basic Knowledge on Statistics

Course Content

  • Introduction to R
  • Simple/Multiple Linear Regression
  • Modeling with Categorical Predictor Variables & Interaction Terms
  • Model selection criteria
  • Model Diagnostics
  • Modeling Binary Outcomes
  • Hands on Examples with R software

Payment Mode:
Payment can be made to Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka, Account No. 086100130008638 at the People’s Bank, Thimbirigasyaya, and scan copy of the payment slip should be emailed to [email protected] with duly completed registration form.

Download the application here

Rs. 10,000.00
Dr. Vasana Chandrasekara
Senior Lecturer
Department of Statistics & Computer Sciences
Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya

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