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Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) with AMOS and SmartPLS

For Researchers who want to apply path analysis and confirmatory factor analysis in their research projects

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02, 03, 09 & 10, July 2022

This course will provide skills to use AMOS and SmartPLS software for covariance-based and Partial Least Squares (PLS) structural equation modeling (SEM) applications in research. Essential knowledge regarding the selection of correct SEM application (AMOS/ SmartPLS) and principles of hypothesis testing, regression modeling, and factor analysis using SPSS software will be given at the beginning of the workshop. All the sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

  • Organizing, cleaning and assessment of data
  • Introduction to hypothesis testing and regression analysis
  • Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) with SPSS
  • Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with AMOS
  • Testing validity and reliability of models
  • Path analysis (SEM) with AMOS and SmartPLS
  • Mediator and moderator analysis
  • Sample size calculation for SEM-based research
  • Checking model assumptions
  • Selection of correct SEM application (AMOS/ SmartPLS)


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Dr. Sampath Fernando
Dr. Chathurani Silva

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