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Certificate Course on Research Methodology

Researchers, Policy makers, Managers, Academics & PG students are welcome

Course Fee: Online Rs. 10,000 /=
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Duration Time
On 9th & 10th September 2023 at 9.00am to 4.00pm via Zoom.

Course Content:

  • Understanding Research and Research Process.
  • Research Paradigms and Types of Research.
  • Research Design.
  • Methods of Data Collection (Quantitative vs Qualitative).
  • Survey and Sampling Methods.
  • Skills in Writing Research/Project Proposal.
  • Processing and Analysis of Data Using SPSS.
  • Report Writing.



Payment can be made to Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka, Account No. 086100130008638 at the People’s Bank, Thimbirigasyaya, and scan copy of the payment slip should be attached with the application form or email to [email protected] on or Before 7th September 2023.

Course Fee: Online Rs. 10,000 /=
Conducted by Prof. K.A.P. Siddhisena, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Demography, University of Colombo 07.

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