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R Essential Training in Learning R

Discover the power of R in Data Analysis!

LKR 15,000.00
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22nd - 26th September 2023 (5 days 20hrs)
  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • Data wrangling and cleaning
  • Explanatory data analysis (EDA) & data visualization
  • Mean comparison tests (t-tests, ANOVA & ANCOVA)
  • Tests of Associations (Chi - square, Pearson's & Spearman's)
  • Predictive Regression Models (Simple, Multiple & Logistic)

Course Fee - LKR.15,000.00

Name of the account holder- Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka

Account No - 086100130008638

Bank- People's Bank,Thimbirigasyaya

LKR 15,000.00
Mr. Sampath Hapuarachchi. M.Sc in Biostatistics, M.Sc in Applied Statistics, B.Sc (Honors) in Statistics. Lecturer in Statistics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

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