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Higher Diploma in Applied Statistics

The Higher Diploma in Applied Statistics is a one-academic year programme and equivalent to Level 2 of a B. Sc. Degree in Statistics. An academic year consists of two semesters and a semester consists of 20-24 weeks that may be spread over six calendar- months. 

To be eligible for admission to the Higher Diploma Programme in Applied Statistics, a candidate should have one of the following:

Admission Requirements for HDAS
(i) Having the diploma in Applied Statistics conducted by the IASSL, or
(ii) Complete Level 1 of the bachelor’s degree with Statistics as a subject [This entails completing coursework covering probability, descriptive statistics, distribution theory, and inference.], or
(iii) Secured an equivalent qualification acceptable to the Executive Council.


(i) The Council upon the recommendation of the ATC, may grant specific credit exemptions in recognition qualification (s) obtained previously.
(ii) The total credit exemptions so granted shall not exceed ten (10) credits out of the total of thirty (30) credits of the programme required for the award of the Diploma.
(iii) The grade that shall be awarded for an exempted course unit should be grade C.